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Irrigation / Sprinkler System

Winterize Your Irrigation System

In the Northeast, before the first freeze of the season, all irrigation systems must be winterized – meaning that the system must be completely drained and thoroughly dried to prevent damage to the system components caused by water freezing inside the pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves.  ALL water must be removed, because even a small amount could freeze and crack the pipes of your system.  Serious damage to the irrigation system could result if the system is improperly winterized.

Installing an irrigation system is a great investment for many reasons:

· Time — the system automatically waters the lawn and plant materials at preset time intervals without any human intervention required

· Aesthetics — in today’s hectic world, few people have time to properly water.  Adequate water is required to ensure a green lawn, plant growth, and the visual appeal of any property

· Money — a properly adjusted system actually uses less water than watering by hand; the installation of a rain sensor will ensure the system runs only when needed, thereby saving even more water; irrigation systems add significant property value

Installing an
automatic irrigation system is an
excellent investment!

Worried about the budget?
The installation of a high quality irrigation system can cost less than one might think!  In addition, a system can be installed in planned phases to spread the cost out over a period of months or even years.  For example, we can add “curb appeal” the first year by installing a simple system in the front yard, then add additional zones and specific plant beds at a later date. 

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When your lawn care professional winterizes your irrigation system, they will shut off the water to the system and utilize a drain valve for attaching a compressed air hose downstream of the anti-siphon device.  Compressed air is used to blow all water out of the system one zone at a time.  After all water is removed from the system, water will be drained from the line between the backflow prevention device and the shut off valve.

With proper winterization, your system will be safe and secure during the cold winter months, and ready for use when warm weather returns.

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